The Unpreferred Equipment of the vivo s1 pro

Camera The camera of the vivo s1 pro has 16 mega pixels resolution and is equipped with dual LED flash with auto focus. The rear camera is eight megapixel with manual mode. There is a heart rate monitor, customizable alarm and GPS. The connectivity options of this smartphone are USB, wifi, Bluetooth and GPRS.The first Chinese smartphone brand to launch in the low cost segment has just launched the Vivo S1 Pro smart phone at an extremely cheap price with all the key features. It is equipped with the Windows operating system and is equipped with 2.5 inch multi-touch capacitive touch screen. There is a neat and sleek metal build that matches with the aluminum body of the device. It looks very stylish and trendy and matches with any type of attire. The two inch multi-touch capacitive touch screen offers smooth operation and response along with the large size of the icons and text.

Battery The battery of this smartphone has a capacity of supporting up to two weeks. The device has a one year warranty and also comes with a free virus protection and software that helps in enhancing the efficiency of this smartphone. The connectivity  vivo s1 pro options of this smartphone come with the USB cable, wifi and Bluetooth. The ODEON water resistant feature and fast charging technology further add to the efficiency of this handset. The Vivo S1 Pro is provided with a free gift like ODEON key with purchase of this smartphone.

Video Recording The camera of the vivo s1 pro has a Super AMOLED capacitive camera with optical zoom. This camera also has a video recording feature. You can also record videos at up to six minutes long.

Video Recording Camera The built in HD video recorder allows you to record videos in Mp3 format. This allows you to view your videos directly on the phone. The connectivity options of this handset are USB, wifi and Bluetooth. The aperture priority mode allows you to adjust the size of the primary camera.

Fingerprint Sensor The built in Fingerprint sensor of this smartphone enables you to unlock the phone simply by placing your finger on the sensor. The scanner of this handset can read up to nine finger print patterns. The ODEON phone has a unique dual-engine fast SIM tray. This tray allows you to remove the SIM from this phone easily. This handset also has a high resistance backlight and an efficient touch screen.